About Us

“A project, a dream… Make something different and do it seriously.”

Our History

Do one thing but do it right

After more than 18 months of incubation Pandacow is proud to present you our products. Lot of trips and thousands of hours of work for a lot of great moments!



Happy customers and growing

Est. 2017

Our Story

This is the story of a Swiss cow and a Chinese panda. The coming together of two animals, of two countries, of two cultures, to give birth to a new garment brand that is devoted to the Pandacow Onesie: a relaxed-looking jumpsuit.

Hailing from Lausanne, brand-founder Yann Meyer has been spending half of his time in China since March of 2016 in order to guarantee that the garments being produced are in the best Jiangsu’s panda paws (a rare species in that region), and especially in Shanghai.

Pandacow rises above biases. We are proud of our premium quality “made in China” label. Our brand emphasizes the Chinese resources and know-how that we have gotten to undercover, and that are obviously developing at flying speeds.

Designed in Lausanne, Switzerland with passion
Made in Shanghai, China with care

Core Values

We do things seriously – no compromise.


Consumer safety with a responsible approach.

Best experience

We take it very seriously with a dozen of quality checks.

Keep working

Still plenty of room to improve
a lot of things!

One Founder

The “Team”

There is me and me so far… It means that what you see now on the screen was made by my-self. What you will order was designed by my-self. Your order will be prepared by… my-self. Your package (which was designed by my-self) will be brought to the post office by my-self… and so on! So far…

Yann Meyer

Pandacow boy


Marketing Director


Sales Director