Our story

Designed in Switzerland with passion - made in China with care

Launched in Switzerland on November 4th, 2017

This is the story of a Swiss cow and a Chinese panda. The coming together of two animals, of two countries, of two cultures, to give birth to a new garment brand that is devoted to the Onesie: a relaxed-looking jumpsuit.

Hailing from Lausanne, brand-founder Yann Meyer and his team have been spending half of their time in China since March of 2016 in order to guarantee that the garment being designed is in the best Jiangsu’s pandas paws (a rare species in that region)!

Pandacow rises above biases. We are proud of our premium quality “made in China” label. Our brand emphasizes the Chinese resources and know-how that we have gotten to know, and that are developing at breakneck speeds.

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Onesies Produced

Pandacow at a glance

Lot of trips and thousands of hours of work for a lot of great moments

Pandacow is a young Brand created in 2017

After more than 18 months of incubation we are proud today to present you our products.

“Far more than an outfit, Pandacow is a beautiful way of life that gives you an experience of extreme comfort. Dive into an ideal soft universe and protect yourself from daily stress."



All equal, the experience addresses itself to the entire family, regardless of age, sex or physique. You are Pandacow or you are not! To choose Pandacow is a state of spirit, it is to feel good in your life, good in your body, good in your skin.
Jump in and stay Moooooo!


Yann Meyer